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Please contact us. For further information or bookings, you can reach us in person, or through our 24 hour - 7 day call-answer service at

(416) 769-8685.


Musician profiles

Some of Divertimento's fine musicians include:

Marianne Carefoot, Musical Director and Flutist

Jacqueline Goring, Harpist 

Don MacDonald, Guitarist
Michael Sproule, Violinist
Gisele Fredette, Vocalist
Elaine Thompson, Cellist
Donald Guinn, Keyboard / Pianist
Danny McErlain, Keyboard / Pianist
Laurel Mascarenhas, Violinist
Karen Graves, Violinist
Camille Watts, Flutist
Christine Little, Flutist
Anne Thompson, Flutist
Wendy Solomon, Cellist
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